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Loctudy & Le Guilvinec

Loctudy is the family destination of Bigouden Country. A coastline along the sea and river, a rich history and many water sports make Loctudy a great place to visit again and again. When you visit Loctudy, you can stroll, walk, hike, sail, stay, observe, admire, taste and discover all that the town has to offer.From the fishing port and marina, you can enjoy the view of Île-Tudy, the Tourelle des Perdix lighthouse and the mouth of the Pont-l’Abbé river.

Le Guilvinec is a small port town in southern Finistère. Don’t miss the fishing boats coming in and unloading their fish, shrimp and crabs fished at sea.

Le Guilvinec offers a variety of sea-based tourist activities, including boat rides, gathering shellfish and Haliotika, 800 m² where you can learn all about the fascinating world of deep sea fishing!

In the summer, there are family-friendly beaches to visit, as well as the GR34 customs path, the Moulin Mer valley, or Men Meur point for quiet strolls.

The L’Homme et la Mer photography festival comes to town from June to September.

Le Guilvinec also has one of the region’s largest markets, the perfect place to buy fresh local produce.

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