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Explore the walled town! The walled town of Concarneau is one of the most visited sites in Brittany, definitely a must-see! This small island is only 350 m long and 100 m wide. You will recognize it by its bell tower and sundial. Two small bridges take you to the gates. The main street, rue Vauban, is lined with charming houses built town’s characteristic style. The cobblestone lanes wind down from either side to overlook the port. Don’t miss the beautiful fountain at Place Saint-Guénolé along the way.

From April to September you can enjoy listening to concerts as you walk through the walled town. In the main town, don’t miss the covered market, built in 1855. Walk through the open-air market on Mondays and Fridays, then stroll by the downtown shops. You can see the contemporary church and its beautiful Bazaine mosaic and the traditional houses, or walk along the coastal path and take in the majestic view. Concarneau has several art galleries and exhibition centers open all year round.

Several festivals take place in town, such as the Festival Livre et Mer literary festival, the Festival du Polar crime novel festival and the famous Festival des Filets bleus fishing festival, which took place for the first time on September 10, 1905. It is the oldest festival in Brittany. The festival has taken place every year except for a short break during the two world wars. The festival gets its name from the blue nets used for sardine fishing. It was founded by the important figures and painters of the town to assist the families of fishermen that were suffering as sardines became more and more scarce.

At the time, the sardine was one of the main resources of Concarneau’s maritime population. It provided for entire families, including jobs for women and girls in the local canneries and fish and chip shops. Concarneau has always been a seafaring town, and owes its prosperity to fishing. At the Fishing Museum, a Musée de France, you can learn all about fishing and see a rich collection of boats, everyday objects and models.

Climb your way up to see Kériolet castle! A true jewel of 19th century architecture with origins dating back to the 13th century. Relive the incredible stories of the Imperial Russian princess Zinaida Ivanovna Yusupova and her husband, count Charles de Chauveau. Concarneau is a town of art and history where you can enjoy the sea in a variety of ways, each as good as the next. Enjoy the sand beaches and marina for water sports and seaside activities. You will be delighted by both the beauty and history of this town.