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The Pointe de La Torche

In the heart of Bigouden Country, the Pointe de La Torche is an impressive natural peninsula. It is covered with multicolored tulips in the spring. The Pointe de la Torche, or Beg an Dorchenn in Breton, means “tip of the hill”. La Torche is a rocky premonitory that juts out into the sea, bordering Audierne Bay to the south. A steep, beautiful site at the end of the world. The La Torche rocky premonitory is a well-known spot for surfers and funboarders. There are always wind and waves. This site is also popular with hikers! Put on your hiking boots and walk around the point.

You have a breathtaking view of the entire bay from the trail. You will pass by several megalithic sites, including a mound topped by a dolmen with a corridor and covered alley. When you visit La Torche, don’t miss Audierne Bay. This protected area is several kilometers long. This peaceful haven for birds is one of the primary migratory zones in France. Each year, Audierne Bay hosts nearly 10,000 couples of breeding birds, 10,000-15,000 wintering birds, and over 100,000 migratory birds of multiple species. Great and lesser black-backed gulls and herring gulls congregate on the shores teeming with worms, mollusks and crustaceans at low tide. These waders are on a constant search for food, rifling through the sand.

Sanderling sandpipers dance their way through the waves, first facing the sea, then facing the shore. Kentish plover breed on the open dune plain where they form one of the highest concentrations in Brittany each spring.  Come discover this jewel of Brittany’s nature!

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