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Crozon & Morgat

Go explore the nature and culture of the end of the world when you take a relaxing trip to Crozon. From the banks of the Aulne Maritime to thePointe de Pen-Hir and the green coves of Cap de la Chèvre, come savor authentic and preserved Brittany!

The village of Morgat is located in the commune of Crozon in the Bay of Douarnenez. It was once home to the sardine, then tuna fishing port of Morgat. With the depletion of fish resources, the fishing port has become a marina. Morgat, once a small sardine port nestled in the Bay of Douarnenez, now welcomes yachtsmen. You access the town via a dredged channel and the port is protected by a rock jetty in the shape of an arc.A sand beach extends from the port and finishes in pebbles on the east side, where the sand levels have fallen since the port was expanded, changing the cove’s hydrodynamics.