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Pouldreuzic & Penhors Beach

Pouldreuzic, a small town with barely 2000 inhabitants, its a concentration of Breton culture only 30 minutes from Quimper. The Penhors surf spot, less well known that the famous La Torche sport a few kilometers away, is great for learning to surf and bodyboard on the gentler waves. You will surf in a preserved environment because Penhors is one of the 10 Pavillon Bleu label beaches in Brittany. Pouldreuzic is also the hometown of journalist and radio host Per-Jakèz Hélias, and there is a museum dedicated to him there. Finally, lovers of French cuisine likely know Pouldreuzic for the little blue can of pâté, Pâté Hénaff. It is still made right here before being shipped around the world!

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